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Uma casa is dedicated to seek out and promote proud hand crafted products, specially with Portuguese roots. Some are handmade others quite antiques from companies that endured in time and that remained faithful to the tradition.

The articles are simple, timeless, beautiful, sustainable and above all functional for your current daily life.

My Story

Olá - Hello, my name is Cláudia.
I'm portuguese from Oporto city currently living in the beautiful Switzerland, in Aargau Canton.
I belong to the nostalgic group that misses Portugal a lot, so half of my heart is still in Portugal with all the memories and experiences. With that in mind, I had the idea to create this small and simple website, "", here I can show and sell utility products made in the golden days, from the time I used to stay at my grandmother's home.

Other things that I try to bring or show when I buy these articles is their originality, they are mainly handmade so that they are unique and manufactured with durable materials.

I hope you like it and make you bring back good memories.

Muito Obrigada - Thank you.


Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.

5432 Neuenhof CH

+41 779967660

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